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Buying Guide for Hosting Services

Are you looking to buy web hosting for your website or blog, but are confused about how to buy which to buy? Then stop here! We are nowhere to help you.

We know that opting for the best web hosting service for a website can be difficult if you are a new entrant into the market with very less idea about the market.

For businesses of any size, having the best web hosting is a necessity. Moreover, online research has become normal nowadays, hence, a website for the business should be easily accessible for clients and users. Moreover, not only for businesses, but web hosting services are also essential for people hosting personal blog sites or projects. As finding the best hosting service is the first step while you plan to take your business online.

For you, we have prepared this Buying Guide for hosting services in order to make your research easier.

How to Choose the best Web Hosting Service? Buying Guide for Hosting Services

How to Choose the best Web Hosting Service

When choosing any web hosting service it is necessary to keep in mind a few things such as web hosting offering huge monthly data transfers, storage, and email features.

Also, there are reseller hosting service providers which let you offer to host for your own customers without requiring you to spin your own servers.

Hosting services cater to different services along with just hosting servers they provide to store your data as well additional features such as data security, website builder, storage space, and multiple websites hosting on a single plan, etc.

So to make it easier for you and better understand we have simplified the structure in our buying guide for best hosting services. Now coming to the types of web hostings. 

Types of Web hosting

Shared Web Hosting

The name itself clarifies the type of hosting service it is. This is a type of hosting over which multiple websites are hosted on a single server by the hosting service provider.

For instance, if you choose a shared hosting plan and add 4 of your website then, Site1, 2, 3, 4, etc. are hosted on the same server along with other multiple sites. The cost of such hosting is less as compared to any other hosting plan.

Dedicated Web Hosting

Dedicated web hosting is more like owning your own home in the building. Dedicated web hosting is both powerful and even costs more.

On a dedicated hosting service, the website is allowed to use the full potential of the server. Big business websites, multi-pagers, or e-commerce websites are ideal to be hosted on a dedicated hosting service.

But on the other hand, dedicated hosting service providers do not manage the technical issues of the website. These are to be taken care of by the website owners, similar to how the house owner has to manage the maintenance.

However, most of the dedicated hosting providers offer managed to host. In this service, the IT department of the hosting provider takes care of the technical issues and server maintenance.

VPS (Virtual Private Server) Web Hosting

VPS hosting is like renting a private space in a big building. It is somewhat the same as shared hosting as multiple sites are hosted in a single server but the only difference is you get a dedicated storage space to host your website on the same server.

Hence, the chances of causing hindrance from site1 to site2 are less but the VPS hosting services cost higher than shared hosting services.

WordPress Web Hosting

Many of the hosting services are also providing WordPress web hosting, especially for those users who build websites using WordPress (CMS). In a self-hosted site, you are exposed to most of the web building functionality which involves transferring free WordPress to the server or even signing up optimized WordPress plan.

In the optimized plan of WordPress hosting service, the web hosting company handles the backend of the website from updating the plugins, CMS as well as auto backups as you get WordPress pre-installed.

Buying Guide for Hosting Services – Factors to Consider Before Buying

Website Builder

Most of the hosting service providers offer built-in tools to help the user create a website with less hassle. There is support for various website builders or CMS such as WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc. But not all the platforms are customizable or allow you to change the theme or layout as they have pre-built templates.

While many website builders such as Wix, Blogger, etc. also include hosting services that do not allow you to migrate your website to any other hosting providers.

Controls & Support

Most of the web hosting service providers provide cPanel software controllers to their users while some have their own proprietary control panels. Always ensure that the control panel is easy to use and also includes a customization tool for maintaining the file structure of the website. FTP access is one of the important features which makes file transfers easy.

Moreover, the customer support of the web hosting provider is also important for having a consistent uptime and resolving any technical issues in the backend. Most of the hosting providers have a 24/7 support team as well as a live feature for this purpose.


The traffic handling of the website depends on the bandwidth provided by the hosting company. While you opt for any of the hosting services it is essential to check the bandwidth the server provides especially in shared hosting services.
Although this is not an important part to be considered as almost all the hosting companies provide a decent bandwidth at a reasonable price.

But the bandwidth part plays an important role for the website with a lot of content like images, videos, files, and moreover, high traffic and website uptime. It is always ideal to check with the hosting company whether it allows you to scale the bandwidth if required.

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Storage and SSD

Many times hosting companies have limitations on the storage capacity depending on the costs. Storage plays a major role in websites with a lot of content in form of photos and videos.

On the other hand, some providers offer unlimited storage places with some of their subscription plans but storing too many business files needs more bandwidth to allow the users to navigate fast through pages.

It is recommended to opt for servers with Solid State Drives SSDs than the traditional HDDs. SSD servers are more expensive than the HDD but the additional cost is worth paying as these SSD drives work faster than the traditional HDDs. Thus, enhancing the page loading speed will also help to boost the SEO ranking of the website.

Final Thoughts

Unlike earlier, in these modern times, your business website needs to be listed in the search engine, otherwise, your business does not exist. However, businesses need a shareable website to enhance their online presence otherwise businesses lack discoverability and also online economic exposure.

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