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Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing-

If you are planning to indulge in online marketing, you are reading the right article. Here, we are going to discuss the Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing model along with its pros and cons. You can decide which online marketing model is the best for you, and joining it can change your life.

Affiliate marketing and Network Marketing are two distinct concepts and are characterized by different mechanisms.

Now, in the era of online marketing, a large number of people are involved in both Affiliate and Network Marketing. However, Affiliate Marketing Vs Network Marketing, which Marketing is the best? This is a relevant question that arises in the mind of every beginner when he wants to enter such online marketing.

Before going deep into the comparison between Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing first let us try to understand what is the meaning of these 2 terms.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an advertising performance of specific products or services where the company of products or services offers third-party publishers a commission to generate traffic and lead to their products or services. In that case, the third-party publishers are affiliates, and they are provided with commission fee incentives to promote the company.

In simple words, we can say that Affiliate marketing is a type of marketing technique in which a person(affiliate) earns a commission by selling another company’s product or service.

Now coming to the network marketing.

What is Network Marketing?

What is Network Marketing

Network Marketing is a certain category business based on the hand-to-hand sale of specific products by individualistic representatives.

A networking business needs to build a network of business or selling salespersons to assist with lead generation and sales.

Network marketers are offered commissions and other incentives from the company for selling their products and lead generation.

Affiliate Marketing – Pros

Both Affiliate Marketing and Network Marketing generate huge amounts of income. However, both business models have some disadvantages as well. Here are the pros and cons of Affiliate Marketing.

  • Affiliate Marketing is a low-cost but high-profit online business model.
  • No marketing expert is required to start an affiliate business.
  • Low investment business, and can be operated from home.
  • An affiliate business can be operated as another source of income. There is no need to leave your current profession as you can operate it from your home at your own convenient time.
  • Affiliate business is convenient and flexible. You can grow your business by creating various affiliate websites and landing pages for marketing your affiliate links.
  • Affiliate business environments are independent. You can customize your business as per your wish to generate more income.

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Affiliate Marketing – Cons

  • Affiliate Marketing doesn’t allow you to control your own Affiliate Marketing Program. You need to be dependent on the merchant’s terms & conditions. 
  • As there is a high benefits opportunity in Affiliate Marketing with low investment, a great number of people join Affiliate Marketing. So, there is strong competition in this business which may be dangerous to your performance.
  • In Affiliate Marketing, you can’t build your customer base.
  • Since affiliate marketing earnings are based on pay-per-performance, there is a risk of earning the expected revenue right away.

Network Marketing – Pros

  • Network Marketing is the best way to share a product that people are highly passionate about, resulting in a good sale of the product.
  • It is easy to do Network Marketing with low investment. It gives an opportunity to start different types of earning in a business through multi-level marketing (MLM) immediately.
  • You can run the business from your home for maximum time. Plus, you don’t need to establish a personal reputation outside as a good representative to promote your business.
  • Many opportunities include generating revenue in Networking Marketing, including sales commissions, bonuses, etc.
  • As network Marketing uses pre-existing systems to sell products and develop team members, you can start using them to fuel your personal growth and business development.
  • The new representatives are helped by sponsors to establish their reputation.

Network Marketing – Cons

  • Part-time income can’t be done through Network Marketing. Also, there are specific fees you need to deposit to join the business.
  • 80% of sales are done face-to-face meetings in a Network business. So, those representatives lack the power to convince the people, they can’t be successful in the Network business.
  • It takes time for an independent representative to grow the business. 
  • There are many Network Marketing scams in modern Network Marketing. Hence, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether something is real and something is just a scam.

Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing, Which is the Best?

If we compare Affiliate Marketing with Network Marketing, we will say that both marketings are the best way of earning online sitting at your home. Both businesses can make you a rich person if you lead the business in the right way.

There are many examples where people have changed their lifestyle through Affiliate business. On the other hand, the Network business has made a number of people millionaires.

Affiliate Marketing is done when you promote the product of other companies. You earn a certain commission on each sale. In contrast, Network Marketing is executed when you sell products directly to people by phone call conversation, or chat. The companies whose products you sell pay a commission for the sale. In addition to the sales commission, Network business offers other benefits that Affiliate Marketing does not have.

If seen, both business models have merits and demerits. In terms of Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing, it depends on what category of business you need. Also, what online marketing suits you, and how you can run it effectively.

The online marketing you are compatible with is best for you. It is true, Network Marketing requires more groundwork, capability, and hard work to make the business to the top as compared to Affiliate Marketing. However, both the businesses are running profitable these days. And you can become a successful marketer in any online marketing field.


  • Is Affiliate Marketing good?

Affiliate marketing is good for getting traffic to the products. By creating engaging blog posts, you can attract your website visitors to products. By providing affiliate links to your business, you can compel your audience to buy the products. As a result, your income will start to be generated on every sale of the products.

  • Is Network Marketing a good career?

There is a great opportunity to make a good career in Network Marketing. If you can create a large business network as a representative, you can earn good money from different sources. Also, Network Marketing offers other benefits if you promote the sales of the products and lead generation.

  • Is Affiliate Marketing or Network Marketing is the best?

Both online marketings generate high earnings if you can operate them with efficiency. However, Network business requires more business skills, hard work, and willpower as compared to Affiliate business. But, both the business models are best with their own features. Join the one which is best suited for you.


Whenever you are involved in any online marketing, you must be thoroughly familiar with the mechanism of the specific business. The same thing will be imposed in the context of Affiliate Marketing vs Network Marketing. 

You have to get complete knowledge of marketing. You can consult marketing experts about online business management.

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